Descriptive in Spainish

This week our assignment is to describe yourself in Espanol. We are to choose three fictional characters that we feel represents our personalities the best.  The reason we need to learn this is because it is important for us to use proper masculine/feminine words and to also know our descriptive words in Spanish.


Me llama Emily. Yo soy honesta, alegre, descarada y cómica. Me gusta comer, pasar tiempos con amigas y jugar a los deportes.

How Vision Works-Health

Our brain works together with our eyes for our vision to make a connection on what we see. First light passes through the cornea, a transparent tissue that bends and focuses light. The light admins particles called photons that bounce off of objects then focuses on your eyes. After passing through the cornea it goes behind the pupil. After that, it finally goes through the retina. The cells in the retina are called rods and cones, the rods are sensitive to bright light and allow us to see in the dim light and cones allow us to function in the bright light. Vision connects to our brains allows our eyes to process the conception of the light pathway.


Proud Supporter of FFA

FFA is much more than an organization- it is a part of life.

A famous quote by George Washington says “ Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man. Agricultural gives us food, clothes, provides jobs, simulates the economy and much  more.

FFA teaches us to be leaders of tomorrow.  My teacher is an exceptional leader. She takes what she has learned from her experience and teaches me the way of FFA. The way she teaches you cant help but want to know more about the subject. She has taught us the creed, how to conduct a business meeting, and my favorite- breeds of animals but that is not all. FFA is all not about the slaughtering animals.

My response to “FFA is lame AF” is that the article makes our organization sound as we are mindless murders. FFA is not what the article makes out the article says it to be. We do not play “sick mystery murder games.” FFA makes a difference in people’s lives.

FFA gives us a connection. A connection to all of america. PETA may stand for what they believe in but we stand taller.


assigment : Observe and describe how different environments like microhabitats in the school yards that supports different varietis of organisms

With the assinment Mrs. Nipper gave us fresh on our mind we ran out the to the stream so my partner and I can find the best microhabitats  down there. We get there before everybody else and we start looking fast.
“nothing over here” said my partner disopointedly “wait I found something…wait never mind”

Just about to give up we got the idea to climb the top of the highest hill to see if we can find our perfect spot.



When we got to the tipy top of the hill we looked and we found what we were looking for… the perfect spot. It took a lot of climbing over trees, rocks, and even other people looking for there perfect spot. Once we got were we needed to be we  took out the sting to circle our microhabitate. We dug in it a little, not to much to ruin the peace in the microhabitats. We found  many interesting things like seeds ,moss and even snails. With taking the adventuedownthe stream i have learned what microhabitates are.